Top 15 Stars Who Are Much Older Than You Thought

In Hollywood, it’s not uncommon for someone in their 30s to play a character who is in high school or college. Although makeup has a role to play, there are many stars who look much younger than they truly are. You may be shocked to find out the actual age of the following 15 celebrities.

15 Stars Who Are Much Older Than They Appear

Age is just a number, right?

Well, when you consider how old the following celebrities are, that statement couldn’t be more true.

  1. Brad Pitt brad the ultimate Hollywood hunk, Brad Pitt has played a wide range of impressive roles over the years. No stranger to the spotlight, Brad Pitt is currently 53 years old — yet he could still play characters in their 30s. He’s the definition of a Hollywood hunk. Age has definitely been on his side.
  1. Johnny Deppdep a similar story in regards to Johnny Depp, this 54 year old heart throb could easily pass for someone 20 years younger. Although he looks great, his accomplishments showcase his true age — from Edward Scissorhands to Sweeney Todd, he is known for so many classics.
  1. Zack EfronZac-Efron2 most commonly known for High School Musical, Zack often plays characters that are much younger than him. His baby face allows him to pass for someone that is 18, yet his stud turned the 3-0 in October 2017.
  1. Daniel Toshdaniel-tosh Daniel Tosh has a young face and could easily pass for someone who is in their early 30s, yet this comedian was born in 1975. Yep, that makes him 42 years old.
  1. Gwen Stefani gwef with a career that has stretched across decades, Gwen is a natural beauty. With her flawless skin, you’ll be shocked to know that she’s 48 years old. Nearing her 50th birthday, she can still keep up with the best of ’em.
  1. Alex Trebek trebeka TV and game show legend, Alex Trebek is best known for Jeopardy. Believe it or not, he was born in the year 1940. An incredibly young-looking 77 year old, he’s still as sharp as a tack.
  1. Elijah Wood elija perhaps it was his role as a hobbit that made him appear to be so young — but the truth is, Elijah is 36 years old. He has one of those adorable faces that just doesn’t seem to age. When he’s in his 50s, he’ll likely pass for someone in their 30s.
  1. Jared Leto jared letoJared is a jack of all entertainment trades, being a singer, songwriter, actor and director. With his ageless face, you might have a hard time believing that he is 45 years of age.
  1. Leonardo DiCaprioleodic from Titanic to The Beach, Leo has been in some amazing roles. Considering he played a 17 year old in the 2002 hit Catch Me If You Can, it’s amazing that he’s actually 43 years old.
  1. Jim ParsonsJimParsonsBig Bang Theory star, Jim, could certainly pass for someone who is 30 — or even someone in their early 20s. Here’s a shocker — this funny, quirky character is actually 44.
  1. Sandra Bullocksandrafull of beauty and brains, Sandra may look 35, but she’s actually 53. You go, girl!
  1. Queen Latifahqueenlatifah_another beautiful female in the biz, Dana, better known as Queen Latifah, is 47 years old. She’s certainly doing something right!
  1. Pharrell Williams pharrell you wouldn’t believe us if we told you, but here it goes. This talented rapper, record producer and film producer works like a 20 year old, but is actually double that at 44 years of age. Wow!
  1. Oprah oprah1 the true Queen of TV, Oprah has an impressive track record. She has been in the business for decades, changing the lives of many. Although she continues to inspire many with her young spirit and grace, she’s actually 63 years old.
  1. Ellen Degeneres ellen-degeneres with how funny Ellen is, it’s surprising that she doesn’t have deeper laugh lines. Looking incredibly good for her age, this natural beauty is 59 years old.

If there is one thing that these stars can teach us about ourselves, it is that when you live your life and forget your age, you too will age as gracefully as these well-loved celebrities.