The Myriad Wonders of Asafateda


The majority of erectile dysfunction (ED) causes are brought about by something else being wrong in the body. ED is one of the first warning signs the body puts out for men, to indicate that something else is wrong. That something could be as simple as not getting adequate vitamins and nutrients, or it could be something like indigestion or blood clots. But with the myriad health benefits brought about by Asafateda, the core reason behind ED can be treated, thus allowing better sexual desire and performance. Pelvic trauma is one cause of ED in men, something that can be rectified by the consumption of Asafateda.

Studies have shown that water extract mixed with the gum resin will show a vasodilatation effect. It produces a significant muscle relaxant effect which lowers blood pressure but increases blood flow.

Other therapeutic agents such as anti-hypertensive can cause ED, and the consumption of Asafateda can be used to treat hypertension without the negative side effects of traditional therapies.

Penile erection may be inhibited by tense muscles, something too that Asafateda can help to reverse in men.