Five Types of Friends You Can Do Without

Often, we befriend certain kinds of people who make us feel as if we have known them forever. Perhaps we became friends in school, university, workplace, or even a carpool group. The bonding runs so deep mostly that we do not ever stop to ponder upon what value they add to our lives and whether their presence has a positive impact on us.

As we mature, we become warier of acquainting new people and take our time scrutinizing their character. Only upon satisfaction of their genuineness do we agree to progress with the friendship.  Nevertheless, why do we fail to devote the same kind of screening and carefulness with friends we have known for long?

It is quite likely that certain friends can be detrimental to your wellbeing and progress in life, despite you knowing them for a long time. Toxic friends can be bad influences and tend to drain you emotionally and mentally. Here are the five kinds of friends you need to stay away from if you wish to lead a healthy life:

1.     Complainers


Friends who are chronic complainers are nearly impossible to please because they always find reasons to complain about. They are not solution-oriented, and their negative vibes can damage your outlook on life. Besides, you tend to feel overburdened by their constant winging and whining even when you are not responsible.

2.     Naysayers


No one appreciates friends who never support your vision and enthusiasm for anything. Naysayers are the kind who will find fault with and criticize any productive plans you conceive. They never encourage your drive and creativity because their criticism is always hurtful and cynical, never helpful, and productive.

Naysayers are fearful of exploring beyond their horizons. Thus, chase the wind out of your sails, too, with their negativity.

3.     Flakers


Life is unpredictable most of the time, and so we all bail out on plans when we cannot avoid circumstances. Flaker friends are always unreliable ones because they never prioritize you. Their scattered priorities mean that they can never remember important dates, commitments, and pre-decided events.

There is always a lame excuse or mostly even no excuse for forgotten dates and missed commitments. Perhaps it is their preoccupation with social media, the bad habit of attending your calls in between conversation with others, and mismanagement of their time that makes them forget important details. Whatever the reason may be, flakes that are passive-aggressive and manipulative are never worthy friends.

4.     Bragger


Braggers are the ones who are constantly desperate for the spotlight. The trumpets blow loud and continuously when something goes right for them. This need for constant praise, validation, etc stems from their lack of self-esteem and insecurities.

Your exciting news will always put them in a state of competition, instead of cheering you on. Braggers are also the sort who habitually self-deprecate just so that you can insist on how awesome they are. It is infuriating and unhealthy to serve as a constant fuel of self-esteem for others, and you must avoid doing it.

5.     Doubters


Doubters are more diplomatic than the naysayers, but underneath, both categories’ function is the same. Naysayers reject your ideas and visions outright without sugarcoating words. Doubters will initially support and cheer you on, but the moment you muddle somewhere, they do not miss nitpicking your shortcomings and claiming how they had foreseen your failure.

Perhaps it is the awareness of their inadequacies that makes them secretly wish for your failure too. You can certainly do without such friends in life.