5 Tips for Sticking to Your Diet on Vacation

Whether you look forward to hitting the beach or the slopes every year, or you’re a bigger fan of amusement parks or European tours, you can probably agree on one thing – sticking to your diet when you’re on vacation is hard! It seems like everywhere you turn, you’re tempted with pastries, fast food, rich dinners, and more. It seems like you have a choice, but it’s not a fun one – ruin your diet or ruin your vacation.

So how can you stay on course with your weight loss goals without giving up on the fun and indulgences of vacation? Here are a few tips we’ve found that can help you enjoy your vacation without fearing that you’ll undo all your hard work.

Start the Day with a Little Exercise

First of all, we all know that you can work out all you want, but you can’t outrun a bad diet. However, getting a little bit of extra exercise in the mornings when you wake up will put you in the right mindset to eat a bit healthier throughout the day. It’ll remind you that you’ve come a long way and that you’re doing everything you need to do to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Plus, you’ll burn a few extra calories, so you can factor those into something delicious (and hopefully nutritious) later.exerecise

You don’t have to pack all of your workout gear, either. Just take a brisk morning walk, do a little bit of morning yoga in your hotel room, or hit the hotel gym for a bit of cardio and/or strength training.

Eat in for Breakfast or Lunch

breakfastIt’s easier to stick to your diet when you’re not tempted by a bunch of unhealthy treats and/or giant portions. So, for one meal every day, choose to skip the restaurants and go with something simple and healthy that you make yourself. You don’t even need a full kitchen in your hotel room to do this – just pack some fresh fruit and veggies, some oatmeal, and/or yogurt. Keep them in your room’s refrigerator, and you can wake up with a healthy breakfast or come back to the room for a break and a light lunch.

Always Sub Fruits and Veggies When You Can

fruitsWhen you do go out to eat, you can cut down on your calories by substituting fruit or vegetable dishes for your sides. It might cost a dollar or two extra, but you can usually get a healthy selection of cooked vegetables, fresh fruit, or a side salad instead of fries or other starchy, high-calorie sides.

Skip Bread and Appetizers

BREADAnother great rule to live by when you go out to eat is to skip the bread, chips and dip, and other appetizers. You can pack on a few hundred calories to any meal when you indulge in these, and it’s often hard to stop munching, especially when you’re absent-mindedly snacking on a never-ending bowl of bread or chips. Instead, pass on these and save your appetite for your meal. Your food will taste better, and you’ll feel better knowing that you didn’t just stuff yourself.

Share Desserts

Finally, we know you’re going to want to indulge in some rich and delicious desserts, and that’s absolutely fine. You should definitely treat yourself while you’re on vacation, but you don’t have to treat yourself to an entire giant slice of cake or fudge sundae. Instead, order a single dessert and share it with the table. If you have a big table of people, get two, but don’t get enough for everyone to have their own dish. This will keep everyone’s calories down, and it’s a great way to share a delicious experience.

See? Sticking to your diet when you’re on vacation doesn’t have to be difficult or painful. Just do a few things to cut down on empty calories and increase your awareness of what you’re eating, and you’ll be on the road to a fun vacation without an unhappy surprise on the scale when you get home.