15 Celebrities WHO Are Ageing Horribly

Oh, the glitz, the glamour and the fame! Hollywood is not only acclaimed for its blockbuster movies and globally-recognized TV series, but also because of the elegant actors and actresses who grace the red carpet while we all watch from our televisions in complete awe and admiration. These exquisite role models have a lot to live up to though, always trying to maintain their beauty and youth. Not an easy job, but somebody’s got to do it. And they’re rich enough so it shouldn’t be too hard, right? Or not…unfortunately, these list of celebrities have lost their hypnotizing looks over time, therefore, losing the interest of the once captivated public.

1-Donatella Versace

d-versThere was a time when the world famous former actress, model and fashion designer dazzled the world with her elegance and beauty.

Sure, she’s in her 70’s, but so is Gladys Knight and she’s still stunning! We don’t know what’s happened to Donatella Versace’s face, but it seems like years of boozing it up and partying have left her looking like something out of a horror movie.

2-Lindsay Lohan

lindsayOh man, look at what the cat dragged in. Not to be mean, but this former Mean Girls star has brought this upon herself. She used to be the epitome “girl next door” with her red hair and adorable face. Then she was a sexy blond. And now? Let’s keep in mind, she wouldn’t look so bad for someone in her 50’s…but she’s just hit 30 years old, and looks far much older than that.

So what’s happened to our once popular Lindsay? A lifestyle composed of partying, lots of boozing and using of illegal drugs…well that’ll do it. Oh and let’s not forget jail time after her DUI stunt. She also admitted to Oprah during an interview that she was addicted to cocaine and Adderall, a medicine used to treat ADHD.

As a young adult, Lindsay needs to make some drastic lifestyle changes, quit the drugs and partying and replace it with some serious juicing. Otherwise, she’s going to look older than Donatella Versace.

3-Goldie Hawn

goldieThis once radiant beauty hit the spotlight in the 1960’s and shortly after won an Emmy for her comedy variety show, Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In. She then began her long streak of success, as well as being the center of every man’s fantasy.

So where did Goldie go all wrong? There’s a good possibility that plastic surgery is to blame. She specifically had a jawline procedure done and now what you see in its place is sagging skin. Unfortunately, plastic surgery and other aesthetic procedures do not last for a lifetime and can wreak more havoc on a person’s appearance in the long wrong.

Regardless, Goldie Hawn’s contribution to the Hollywood industry will never be forgotten, and her blockbusters like Death Becomes Her and Overboard will forever be household movies.

4-Brigitte Bardot

brigitteIn the 1950’s, Brigitte Bardot was one of Hollywood’s biggest temptresses. The French actress and model lured men with her gorgeous body and revealing fashion style. And now, even though she’s in her 70’s, she’s completely lost it all. It’s hard to see the old Brigitte anywhere in who we see today.

The culprit? Once again, heavy boozing and partying are to blame. Like for many, these unhealthy lifestyle choices will completely destroy beauty until that person becomes unrecognizable.

She will be remembered for gracing our screens in such films as Viva Maria!, where she was nominated for an award for Best Foreign Actress.

5-Meg Ryan

meg_How much did we all used to love the adorable Meg Ryan?! This “girl-next-door” captivated all of our hearts in such movies as When Harry Met Sally. With her perfect lips, golden locks, and sexy curves, every young boy wanted to be with her and every girl wanted to be her.

What’s happened to our illuminating girl? Addiction. Addiction to plastic surgery. Meg, it’s time to put the knife down! Unfortunately, too many plastic surgeries and other aesthetic treatments over time has completely taken a turn for the worst. With high aspirations to maintain her youth and beauty, too many trips under the knife have left this once-starlet looking completely withered, to a point where we barely recognize her.

6-Elsa Patton

elsa_paPoor Elsa and her desire and passion to maintain the fountain of youth. This has gone terribly wrong due to plastic surgery. Although she’s admitted to some aesthetic procedures such as liposuction, a facelift and Botox, there may be a few more procedures she’s not being honest about.

Her face, let’s put it bluntly, looks absolutely grotesque. It’s like her skin can’t handle any more abuse. Every time she goes in for another procedure, her skin looks worse and worse. It seems to have lost all elasticity.


madonnaThe Queen of Pop still sells out her concerts and continues to sell albums, which makes this icon pretty badass. And although she’s aging pretty well for a woman in her 50’s with a fit body, her hands and feet show otherwise.

The pop star was seen coming out of a New York office exposing her bare hands, which are usually covered with fishnet gloves. The large veins in her hands look like they could be those of her grandmother. The same goes for her feet, which is why she always wears closed shoes. She’s always had the veins, but age and her workouts have really escalated the size of the veins. If Madonna wants to remain youthful, we suggest she keeps her hands and feet covered.

8-Melanie Griffith

melannieStress, drugs and alcohol are the culprits to the pitfall of beauty for this Hollywood star. After her second marriage to Steven Baur failed in the 1980s, Melanie turned to alcohol and cocaine for support. Luckily she went to rehab and then reconciled with Baur a year later. Even though they had a baby together, their marriage once again took a turn for the worst and ended in 1994. Luckily she didn’t fall back into her addictions, and instead, fell in love with Antonio Banderas who became her third husband. However, for whatever reason, she fell back into addiction, this time with painkillers, and had to undergo rehab once again. Banderas supported her in her recovery.

Thankfully today, Melanie Griffith is on a path to a much healthier lifestyle, engaging in yoga and other exercises. Unfortunately, the stress and addiction have already taken a toll on her looks and her youth has vanished.

9-Rachel Zoe

rachelRachel Zoe is a famed A-list fashion stylist who has worked with some pretty big names, including Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence. It can’t be easy to keep up with the demands of such celebrities and it appears that Rachel has run herself ragged. The stress seems to have taken a toll on her wellness, making her body too skinny and her face a bit saggy.

She may have the right look in terms of what she puts on her body, but Rachel should think about taking care of her well-being, sleep more, and adopt a healthy lifestyle. It won’t reverse the effects of the damage that has already been done, but it can help her from looking like she’s in her 60’s instead of in her 40’s. After all, being in such limelight many people look up to her. She should want to look and feel her best.

10-Pamela Anderson

pam_andOnce Playboy Magazine’s favorite model and sex symbol, Pamela Anderson certainly was every man’s fantasy in the 90’s. Now in her 40’s, her sexy youthfulness is going downhill because of her wrinkles. But Pamela says she’s proud of them and has no qualms about getting older.

The wrinkles are most likely the result of a lot of sun exposure while filming Baywatch, the stress of managing a lot of work at the same time, and her social lifestyle. She proudly admits that she’s never received a Botox treatment in her life, which is extremely unusual for such a high-profile sex symbol.

11-Mike Rourke

mickeyAt 62 years old this once really handsome guy seems to have lost his physical charm. To be fair, he was a boxer before he turned actor, and took many beatings to his face. For this reason, he went to a plastic surgeon to fix up the mess. Regrettably, he made a poor decision on the surgeon and had to go to another, more highly skilled surgeon, to fix what the previous one had done.

Luckily for Mike, despite not aging so well, he does continue to receive acting offers. Some of his big projects include Ashby, War Pigs, Iron Man 2, Sin City, and the Wrestlers.

12-Ozzy Osbourne

ozzyOzzy became a star in the 1970’s as a member of Black Sabbath, a heavy metal band. And like many heavy metal band members, alcohol and drugs were a regular part of Ozzy’s diet. As his party lifestyle clearly began to age him, he has tried to reverse those effects with multiple surgeries. However, surgeries combined with lots of cocaine, heroin, and alcohol are just a recipe for disaster for this songwriter, vocalist, and tv personality.

13-Steven Tyler

tylerThe lead singer of Aerosmith hasn’t exactly made wellness a part of his daily routine. Like most rock stars, he has sacrificed his well-being with the highs of being in the spotlight, fueled by, you guessed it, drugs and alcohol.

His wrinkles and white hair don’t lie, and Tyler has openly admitted that he was an alcoholic and drug addict. His addiction got so out of control that he brought the whole band down with him and they all had to go to rehab. This is a long, committed process, however, and Tyler spent years in and out of rehab. He is fortunate enough to have had the support of his entire family throughout the process.

14-Keith Richards

richardsThe guitarist of the The Rolling Stones is certainly not ageing like a fine wine. Alcohol and other substance abuse have certainly accelerated the aging process for this rockstar. He has deep lines all over his face, dark circles under his eyes, and an overall bony and unhealthy-looking structure. Drugs, alcohol, and excessive smoking have certainly run this celebrity ragged.

15-Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay_CulkinRemember that cute little boy who captured our hearts in Home Alone? The 34-year-old can now be mistaken for a homeless person, as his skeletal features look like he doesn’t have a penny to feed himself. He’s completely deteriorating away, most likely as a result of his addiction to heroin. Do we see a pattern here? DRUGS ARE BAD. They will age you like nothing else. His addiction apparently started when he split from his long-term girlfriend, Mila Kunis, and from there got caught up in the wrong crowd.