10 Easy Skin Secrets Dermatologists Don’t Want You to Know

In order to maintain flawless skin, you need to take positive action. There is a range of ‘skin secrets’ that you can begin to implement, starting today! These are the types of tips and tricks that your dermatologist would likely never tell you.

They’re easy and effective, helping you improve skin health and in some cases, your overall well-being. Be your own personal skin advocate — consider these top secrets today!

  1. Reduce your intake of caffeine


We all love our morning cup of Joe, but did you know that caffeine can actually dehydrate your skin? Just like alcohol, caffeine needs to be processed in the liver, resulting in the presence of low-level toxins. Acting as a diuretic, coffee can cause you to lose hydration, directly affecting your skin. Instead, drink plenty of lemon water and herbal tea.

  1. The effect of not washing your face


You may think that this tip is obvious — but many people do not actually wash their face before bed. If this is not a normal part of your routine, know that EVERYTHING you came into contact that day will be on your skin. From makeup to pollution, this can significantly affect your overall skin health.

  1. ‘Squeaky clean’ is not always ideal


Yes, you want to maintain clean, clear skin — however, using products that make your skin feel squeaky clean, is not always the best. Why? Well, because these products will actually strip your skin of natural oils. If your skin is either dry or sensitive, opt for a moisturizing cleanser instead of soap.

  1. Limit how often you exfoliate


Similarly, exfoliating is great when maintaining healthy skin, but overdoing it can have the opposite effect. Sure, you’ll work away dead skin, but you can also damage it. Instead of conventional exfoliants, make your own natural DIY formula using lemon juice.

  1. Use antioxidant-rich serums


Antioxidants help to neutralize free radicals, which break down collagen and increase discoloration. Look for options that are rich in vitamin E, vitamin C, resveratrol, or even green tea!

  1. Turn down the heat in your shower


A hot shower may feel relaxing, but know that high temperatures can actually damage your skin. Stripping your skin of natural oils, this is particularly important for people with eczema. Also, when you’re finished, pat your skin dry — do not roughly rub it with a towel.

  1. Eat your way to a healthy glow


What you eat will greatly affect your health — including your skin. To improve the look and feel of your skin, be sure to eat more essential fatty acids. These will help reduce inflammation, which leads to fine lines, wrinkles and sagging. Some of the best options include almonds, tuna, and salmon.

  1. Manage stress levels


Whether you want to combat wrinkles or acne, stress plays a major role. When you’re stressed, various hormone levels spike, which can cause breakouts. This can also make certain conditions worse, including psoriasis. Whether you begin to journal or practice yoga, find your Zen in order to improve your skin’s health.

  1. Reduce your intake of sodium


Just as you want to eat a balanced diet, you’ll want to avoid unhealthy options. Although may not add salt to your food, it is hidden in just about every processed food — including diet soda! This can actually make your skin and eyes puffy.

  1. Say yes to facial massages


Not only do facial massages feel good, but they also offer anti-aging benefits. By increasing circulation, you can naturally target fine lines. The more oxygen that reaches your skin, the more your skin will produce collagen. This is the key to a healthy complexion.

So there you have it — 10 tips to improve your skin’s health. Pretty exciting, huh?

Start to take action today. After all, your skin is going to represent you for a long time — invest in its beauty.