What Are the Health Hazards of Being Obese?

Being obese means that you are far beyond your recommended weight with a high body mass index (BMI). It is recommended that you have around 10% body fat in total to be healthy and fit, the majority of which should be spread throughout your body and not just contained in one area like your stomach. Unfortunately, many people who are obese are faced with having fat make up nearly half of their body weight. This fat is often localized in the stomach area.

fat_obeseBeing obese brings with it many health hazards. Being obese means you are placing extra and unnecessary stress upon your joints and ligaments. Each additional pound you gain, whether it is fat or muscle, places additional weight on your joints, especially your legs, knees, and lower back. This not only causes your body to wear down at a faster rate, but it often leads to a complete breakdown of the ligaments and joints and the need for a joint replacement surgery.

Being obese also means that your heart has to work much harder, which means your regular heart rate and blood pressure rates are higher than they should be. Your heart has a finite amount of beats, but if you are obese and you have to work twice as hard as a healthy person just to move up and down stairs or just to move about your home, you are placing a greater strain on your heart which increases your chances of heart diseases and heart attacks.

obesityBeing obese causes fluctuations in mood and hormone production. This interferes with how you feel, your energy levels, and your sleeping patterns. This can cause problems with regulating your hunger, and your energy levels. If you do not sleep well, it leads to the feeling of hunger throughout the day. This can cause your body to feel hungry all the time, even after you eat, which only leads to more eating.

So, what can you do to avoid these health hazards related to obesity? You can start by eating healthily. Cook your meals. Even if you are busy, you can cook meals on Sunday and prepare them for the week. You can set aside a few hours to prepare casserole dishes or stews, or sandwiches which all contain healthy alternatives to processed food or items that you would normally consider eating. Doing this will also help to cut out fast food.

soda_juicesAvoid soda and juices. Soda is so incredibly unhealthy and yet people drink soda and fruit juices, thinking that they are a good way to get the liquid intake that your body needs. Your body needs to consume roughly 2 liters of liquid each day, and yet many people will finish their meals off with sodas or fruit juices. Those who are trying to lose weight might go with brand-name fruit juices because it is juice, but what many people fail to realize is that the premium brand juices still contain just as much sugar (more than your entire daily recommended amount) as a Coke will.