Making Use of the Outdoors For Mental Health

Almost everyone enjoys the outdoors to some level and in some form. There are those that are absolute nature lovers while there are others that just being outdoors to sit for bit of time is plenty for them. What has been discovered and is becoming more evident is that the natural environment has some great benefits for the mental health of any age or gender.

Often when individuals are stressed out or feel tense or even lethargic throughout the day it will create a desire to get outside for what they call a breath of fresh air. It has been shown that those that suffer from depression and anxiety that are exposed to some form of green space show a reduction in their symptoms.

There are several reasons why the outdoors can have such an impact on the mental well-being of an individual. Most often those that want to spend time outdoors want to do so in an area that is quiet and serene. This allows them to escape from the stress of everyday life and the noise and activities that they are often subjected to.

Another positive feature is the fresh air that is present in a natural setting. There is also something  calming about the scenery that a beautiful outdoor setting can possess. This in itself has the ability to d-stress an individual.


The sunlight plays an important role in the outdoor setting as well. It helps to decrease a disorder such as SAD which is a seasonal affective disorder . This is done through the absorption of vitamin D from the sun through their skin and it is able to help elevate their moods. Most everyone that is spending time in the outdoor environment finds that they possess a feeling of freeness which in turn helps them to relax.

Another great benefit of being outdoors is often it entails some form of activity. It may be something as simple as going for a walk with friends, or it may be enjoying some sort of sport or fun activity such as taking the kids to the park. Often outdoor experiences takes place with others and it can provide the ideal background for a great social setting. This all helps to support mental health.

Many of those individuals that are in high pressured jobs often live in the hub of the city and find that getting away to enjoy some quiet and secluded outdoor space has a multitude of mental benefits to them. No longer are they under any pressure to meet their commitments and it often gives them a chance to unwind and to be able to think clearly. Some companies even offer retreats a couple of times a year for their employees because they realize the potent benefits that the outdoor setting can provide for them which in turn is better for their business.

On occasion even the teachers like to take the classroom setting outdoors because they feel that it creates a better environment for the children to learn, rather than being in an indoor classroom setting. For some children  that have learning difficulties  being in the outdoor setting it is much better for them as they are able to adapt better and seem to be able to concentrate easier in some cases.

The outdoors is even great for seniors as they are often stuck indoors due to their disabilities and health ailments. Being outdoors can give them a sense of freedom and mentally breaks the monotony of their indoor setting.