Alternative Allergy Treatments You Simply Have to Try

You can treat allergies with acupressure and acupuncture in a safe and painless manner suitable even for infants.

Allergies happen when your immune system accidentally identifies a substance (allergens) as harmful. As your body comes into contact with these allergens through swallowing or inhalation or touching, your immune system releases chemicals to attack the allergens which create the allergic reaction. Allergies can affect more than one system in your body at the same time and can result in things such as fatigue, anxiety, depression, mood swings, irritability, digestive disorders, skin disorders, headaches, asthma, hyperactivity, inflammation, and even things like ADD or ADHD in children.


Hay fever can be treated with proven and pain-free Chinese medicinal cures as well. With acupuncture, patients can enjoy a drug-free and pain-free treatment. Typical treatments would consist of multiple treatment sessions focused on improving the disharmony in the body and mind that leads to hay fever and utilizing preventative treatment.

Sinus infections can occur out of what started as hay fever because of the inflammation and the blockage in the immune system. With herbal medicines, you address the resolution of the infection without turning to harmful antibiotics. You can utilize a regime of acupuncture to relieve the pain and unblock the sinuses as well.

Things like allergens can affect your respiratory system which then causes coughing, sneezing, congestion, itching, and discharge. It can also cause asthma, wherein your airways are inflamed. This results in coughing, tightness in the chest, wheezing, and difficulties breathing. Reactions can be caused by allergens or sensitivities to dust, foods, animals, and other airborne substances.

You might experience dermatological reactions to foods, medications, or environmental factors. The symptoms might include blisters or hives, or even skin rashes. But with Chinese medicine you can treat this.Head massage

Your gastrointestinal tract is responsible for controlling the digestive processes in your body. You may experience an allergic reaction that causes irritable bowel syndrome, gall bladder symptoms, indigestion, heartburn, bloating, diarrhea, or constipation. These things can be caused by food allergies.

Food allergies can also induce inflammation which leads to headaches and migraines. Food allergies are mediated by IgG-type antibodies. Headaches might also arise because of pollens or chemicals in perfumes, smoke, or household cleaners.

The feeling of fatigue or tiredness might also be the result of allergies. Seasonal allergies (known as allergic rhinitis) can often lead to sleep disturbances which result in fatigue during the day. Nasal congestion that results from allergies can create disorder with your immune mediators or breathing which affects your sleep patterns and leaves you feeling tired during the day. Hidden allergies to things such as food can reap long-term negative effects on your body, eroding your health over time and resulting in many more problems.

The use of acupressure and proven and pain-free Chinese medicinal cures can eliminate allergies by creating and utilizing a treatment that re-programs the negative responses from the brain toward the allergen or allergens. It changes it into positive responses. This is a treatment based on the Chinese medicinal principle that no disease is possible so long as your body remains in perfect balance.