13 Foods to Naturally Detox your Liver

The liver is one of the most important organs in the human body. Everything that the body consumes is processed by the liver. From the air that’s breathed from the food that’s consumed to the products that are rubbed onto the skin, the liver processes it all. The liver is the major detoxifying and filtration system of the body. It is for this reason that having a healthy functioning liver is vitally important.

The foods consumed can assist in optimal liver functioning. The following are some of the best foods to naturally detox the liver.

1.Lemons and Limes


    Both high in Vitamin C, lemon and limes help the body to release toxins through water. Consider adding lemons or limes to your drinking water throughout the day to obtain liver detoxing benefits.


Apples contain pectin which assist with releasing toxins in the digestive tract. Also, apples contain malic acid which can help soften liver and gallstones prior to a thorough liver cleanse.

3. Green Tea 

Green tea contains catechins which are plant-based antioxidants that promote liver health. Drink at least two cups of green tea daily to get the most liver boosting health benefits.

4. Garlic


This powerful little bulb contains both selenium and allicin which assist in liver cleansing through the activation of liver enzymes. Use it frequently to flavor your food, or if you are brave, swallow pieces of garlic to obtain the liver cleaning benefits.

5. Grapefruit


Grapefruit contains glutathione which is excellent for cleansing the liver. In addition to glutathione, grapefruit also contains high levels of Vitamin C which help the liver produce enzymes for detoxification.

6. Walnuts

These hearty nuts are excellent when detoxing the liver of harsh substances such as ammonia. They contain arginine, glutathione, and omega-3 fatty acids which all promote healthy liver function.

7. Asparagus

Eating asparagus can help you detox both your liver and kidneys at the same time. Oftentimes, the other major organs such as the kidneys pick up the slack when the liver is not functioning properly. Eating this green vegetable helps to give your kidneys and liver the cleansing they need.

8. Cruciferous Vegetables

Broccoli and cauliflower are great liver cleansing vegetables. When eaten, these vegetables prompt the body to produce glucosinolate which assists with the removal of toxins from the body.

9. Olive Oil oliveoil
This is one of the best oils to use for those interested in liver cleansing. It is used in a number of liver cleansing protocols to assist the body in releasing gallstones and liver stones. Likewise, it absorbs toxins in the body.


This little weed is great for liver support. Dried and used to make a tea, dandelions help the liver to break down fats and release toxins.

11. Cabbage

Cabbage contains glucosinolates which assist the liver in breaking down and releasing toxins. You can also eat Brussel sprouts for the same liver cleansing effects.

12. Leafy Green Vegetables

Eat more greens to cleanse and heal your liver. Green leafy vegetables such as romaine lettuce, collard greens, spinach, and kale are filled with chlorophyll which removes toxins from the body. These leafy green vegetables are unique in that they assist with removing heavy metals from the body which reduce the load on the liver and promote better liver health.

13. Turmeric


Add some spice to your food while helping to improve the function of your liver with turmeric. Turmeric can be easily added to any dish for a nice flavor, or you could even drink it as a tea to obtain the liver detoxifying benefits.

Your liver is the most important organ in your body. Eat the foods that will ensure it functions at its best.