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Unbelievable Products on Amazon

1- Multi Device Charger Station.

This can charge up to six USB devices at a time!!


Promising review:

This charging port is the absolute best! Not only does it hold 6 USB cords – it actually charges any and all you plug into it at quick speeds. I had been having trouble with the charger for my iPad. I couldn’t watch a video with it plugged in without the battery draining (while plugged in!), but this port solved the issue! And I can be charging my phone, my kids kindles, my battery phone case and my watch all at the same time and playing my iPad and it continues to charge super fast. I watched it go from 30% to 100% in about an hour. I cannot praise it enough, really. Worth every cent. My husband immediately tried to take it for his side of the bed, so I will be purchasing another. Also, it would be ideal for travel!Corynn

Price: $25 (available in two colors)

2- Elegant Pedestal Fan with three speeds.

the air will flow………!

Promising review:

So far, so GREAT. Only had it about a month, but we run it 8 – 10 hours a night with no hitches. It does move a considerable amount of air (I almost have to tie myself to the bed post when it is on full blast.) There is a bit of noise, but it is quieter than the ten year-old pedestal fan it replaced. To us, it just the right amount of “white noise” to help us sleep.

I found it extremely easy to put together – no problems getting the post to fit into the base as described by other reviewers. The only issue I had was getting the “screen” to stay on. My fat fingers just had a hard time getting all of those small tabs into the slots at the same time. Finally followed the directions and started at the top and worked my way down both sides. Pretty easy once you know the secret.Jim Bowyer

Price: $32.92


3- Edge Sunshade protects your interior car!

Flexible and Stretch.


Promising review:

Great for 2 reasons: keeping out the sun and mosquitoes. I have been using these for a year now and they work great. They will sag after about 3 months so I keep replacing them but I don’t mind because they work well keeping out the sun and mosquitoes out when I ride with the windows down or I am iddling and dont wanna run the AC. They might sag specially because I wash them and the Florida heat is hard on everything outdoors, along with the tons of rain we get here. The nets keep mosquitoes out which is my favorite part and people ask me all the time what is on my back window and where they can get it. The fit is good also. Beach Girl

Price: $19.97


4-Lovely cube for your cat! Cute kitty house

easy to assemble!


Promising review:

Perfect!! Exactly as described! I was a little worried about the quality and how much my cat would love it, but it’s all perfect and he won’t get away from it! Very happy! Recommending this to other cat owners! 🙂Ashley

Price: $29.99+

5- Adjustable Laptop Raiser, your Perfectportable laptop-Table


Promising review:

These are great! We have gone through so many of the cheaper plastic ones, so when I saw this metal one, I purchased three. One for each laptop. This is metal and plastic. It seems very durable. One is being used about 12 hours a day by a disabled person. He is using it in a reclined position sitting it on top of blankets. He said it is not too heavy at all and the tabs that flip up, keep the laptop from sliding off, in the tilted position. The fans work excellent, too. We have a laptop that overheats and shuts down. Using this, it has not shut off once. Previous cooling fans have had gaps that cause the blankets to get caught in the fans and the plastic was so thin that it broke easily. This is a great laptop cooling desk.April K

Price: $39.99


6-Portable Camping Lanters .Don’t be scare when you go camping!

A special kit  when the lights  blow out or if you suffer  frequent blackouts


Promising review:

These were so easy to open and close and the LED brightness is exceptional. A couple years ago I was hosting a family gathering, siblings and their families from out of state, when we lost power. Sadly I only had flashlights and candles. I was fortunate to have a lantern loaned to me by a neighbor and I thought that lantern was great. In February 2017, we had a massive storm that caused power to go out for six days. I moved in with my son, his wife and family, but still could only use a flashlight when I came home each day to check on the house.

However, this 2 pack Etekcity lantern is worth every penny and lights an entire room. I gave one of them to my daughter and her husband because their apartment is very dark and if they lose power, it will light their living room, dining area, and kitchen when placed on a table.

This is an excellent purchase for yourself but would make a great gift for Christmas or birthdays. Sharon Lee Fernberg

Price: $15.99


7-Griddler, Silver, Black Dials


Promising review:

omg this is so perfect. A friend recommended it (after she used it to cook hot dogs). We received it today and have used it to grill 2 steaks at the same time, and make two paninis. Everything came out *awesome*. The grill plates are very easy to clean, very non-stick, and they contained all the grease from a healthy dose of teryaki sauce and very melty havarti. Cleanup for the grill was easier than handling dishes from our dinner. The attached photo shows the *delicious* havarti mess, which came up with the sandwich.

My wife is already lining up additional recipes. Based on how fast and easy this handled our steaks, we will be using it often.Austin David

Get it from Amazon for $63.99


8- Fabulous Electric Knife Sharpener-Compact in size.

Do it yourself!  you will love chopping the onions after this



Promising review:

I was able to bring some nice sharp life back into a group of knives that were buried in my drawers. They were the dullest most beat up knives I could find to truly test out this little machine. It took a few passes to figure out my angles and speed but after that it was a breeze to get through four knives and get them all sharp. I did the loose paper cut test and they sliced right through it. I tested the knives on paper before and after. With only 5-10 passes on each side from stage 1 & 2, the knives cut right through the paper with very little resistance. I believe I could get them even sharper if I put more time into them and really honed the edges. Overall, I am very satisfied that I finally got one of these. I am simply not as technically capable with hand sharpening. It takes much longer than I have the patience for and most of the time, I find I have sharpened them enough or correctly.Andy R.

Price: $22.95


9-  Fantastic Airbed! Your guests will adore it.

Easy to assemble. It takes only a few minutes to inflate.


you will feel like in a traditional bed!
Promising review:

Bought this to sleep on when we visited our daughter in college. It held air through the second night with two adults sleeping on it. Prior to the first night all three of us were lying on it and we found that we needed to add more air for the second night. I was concerned that it was going to lose air during the second night but it did not. I would not recommend this as a mattress to use every night. I have never liked air mattresses but I found this one very comfortable. She likes that it inflates and deflates quickly and when deflated it fits in its storage bag which is approximately 2′ x 2′ so it doesn’t take up much room in her closet. The price was also so much cheaper than competitors.Mary Miller

Price: $119.95

10- Superb Pushup Handles, from now on you will enjoy your workout


Durable hand grips
Promising review:

Push-ups are a great exercise that works arms, chest, and shoulders all at once – a wonderfully efficient exercise for busy people who prefer not to spend a lot of time exercising. However, old-fashioned push-ups can be painful for the wrists and do not provide complete extension of the chest muscles. This product has comfortable handles that rotate smoothly as you extend your arms, allowing your shoulders and wrists to move in a natural manner, increasing comfort and reducing the likelihood of injury. In addition, because the handles are a few inches off the floor, you can fully extend your chest muscles, which is unlikely if your hands are on the floor. Using this product makes push-ups more enjoyable and more effective. Anything that causes you to actually do the exercise is well worth the money. This product is very well made, operates smoothly, and seems like it will last a lifetime.The Thinker

Price: $29.99

11- Special Tent to protect yourself from the wind and the sun on a beach day


Air flows through the side  windows
Promising review:

WOW! Meets and exceeds expectations! Easy up? So easy that it surprised me! I’ve had umbrellas that were more trouble to put up! My wife even commended me on this purchase. Shelter was delivered as promised (by Amazon), packaging was great, shelter was exactly as described on web site, all parts were there, and it really operated as described. Just the right size for two adults. If your group is bigger, suggest you get the larger shelter. Appears to be durable if not abused. Comes with complete instructions (and pictures) that are attached to the storage bag. No paper booklet that invariably blows away at the beach. I look forward to years of use!Swamp

Price: $69.99

12-Bakers Rack Storage,compact, helps a lot when having small space in the kitchen

Good for placing veggies, appliances or whatever you do not know where to put not counting the useful wooden board .
Promising review:

Exactly what I needed for the long kitchen in my city apartment, which lacked both storage and counter space. Got two and those who can see the photos included, I tricked them out a bit with some lighting and what is turning into a successful little kitchen herb garden along the top there. The racks are not too high, which I like as I’m not too tall! They are sturdy and are holding up to daily use beautifully, were super easy to put together – didn’t even require tools – and can be easily be taken apart and moved. Really happy with this purchase.justMols

 Get it from Amazon for $81.86+ (also available in a kitchen cart, microwave cart, or sink shelf).


13- Extension Ladder


Available in four colours, and five sizes.
Promising review:

One of the best ladders I’ve ever bought! I purchased a second one for my nephew, who owns several rental properties, because its so easy to transport and allows him to reach virtually anywhere on the house, easily. It’s not the lightest on the market, but the portability is amazing for a ladder of this length! Toss it in the trunk of a car, back seat of an SUV or truck. No rack necessary!Kristofer LaKey

Price: $145+

14- A Coleman eight person tent, a huge  for the whole family.

Spacious and Comfortable! Camping will be a pleasure. With screen top and sides.


Promising review:

This is a good value tent. This tent is easy to setup, light for car camping, and works well as a 3-season tent. I tested this tend in the Sequoias and beach camping. In both tests, I was able to proper ventilation for warm days and cold night in the mountains. It also handled 20-30 mile an hour (constant) gusts on the beach where I was able to keep things cool in the days and warm and dry at night. After utilizing the tie downs properly, this tent really held it’s own in the wind, which I have not ben able to test often. I was impressed. Overall, the cost and quality you get, you can’t beat. I would highly recommend this product.Arnell

Price: $122.48+ (three colors with sealer)


15- A portable printer, you can print the photos and send physical pics to anyone you want.

The device fits in your pocket and you can take it anywhere. Just download the HP Sprocket app on your smartphone, then connect AND  print all your nice photos. It also has  a USB connection.


Promising review:

After comparing a few different instant printers, and reading reviews I decided on the HP Sprocket. When I opened the box I was suprised to find ZERO instructions, and that worried me.. but once i downloaded the app all instructions were there. I LOVE the picture quality! I was quite suprised to see some reviews talking about how horrible the quality is! I’ve used all of the photo paper it came with, and everything came out perfect! The quality is exceptional for the size and convenience of the product! My kids are THRILLED that ive allowed them to make a photo wall in thier rooms, where they can I can easily print and stick pictures of them and thier friends! Highly recommended!Britney S.

Price: $129.95 (available in five colors)


16- Compact and Amazing Breakfast Sandwich Maker. They will be ready in 5 minutes!

With removable parts ( easy to wash).


Promising review:

LOVE this gadget! So easy to use and clean, and it’s a quick, nutritious meal that I can take on the go or make for my teenage kids. I can also customize the ingredients (e.g., sausage, ham, turkey; various cheeses & herbs; English muffin vs bagel). Just be careful to learn which parts are safe to touch when it’s fully heated.

Some suggestions: Toast the english muffin slightly before putting it into the sandwich maker so that it comes out crispy. Spread a bit of mayonnaise on the muffins before you place them, to keep the sandwich from tasting too dry. And after adding the egg, consider using the edge of the shell to break the yolk, instead of having to wash a utensil covered in raw egg each time.

My only concern is it’s unclear whether the cooking surface is ceramic or teflon; I saw conflicting feedback in the Q&A section. I hope this product is free of hormone disruptors like PFCs (perfluorinated chemicals) that are found in non-stick cookware…!Kathy Lee

Get it from Amazon for $23.85 (available in three colors).


17- An Amazon Echo Speaker, that will help your mom at home.

A new way to be connected to the world, listening news, music or asking how is going to be the weather.
New compact design …Install your Echo and enjoy it!

Promising review:

I ordered three of these at launch and was extremely disappointed by the sound when I first got them.
After reading some reviews, I decided to update for the new update amazon pushed out and can say that the quality is definitely better than the original amazon echo. The bass is actually there lol. I highly recommend picking these up!Max

Price: $84.99 (available in five colors)


18- The Tool Kit that everyone needs at home.

Includes all the basic tools for fixing furniture or other equipments .


Promising review:

What a fantastic tool kit at such a great price. I recently moved into my first apartment and this was the PERFECT purchase for me. It has everything you need for typical, non-specialized work and more. For most things that require a tool, you’ll have it in this case. I’d say this is the perfect starter kit for anyone who has not owned tools before. Highly, highly recommend.Colin

Get it from Amazon for $42.99


19-  Effective Floor Cleaner -Vaccums and washes floors at the same time

Wet- Dry cleaning.


Promising review:

Disgustingly amazing. I can’t say how much I enjoy using this. You don’t really realize how dirty your floor is until you use this. I love not having to vacuum before “mopping” and I love not having to actually mop. This thing rocks. We have three levels of floor that really should be mopped frequently between two cats and traffic. This makes my life easy. No vacuum, just use the crosswave. It picks up kitty litter and even cleans cement floors in the basement. The water and things it picks up may make you want to barf, but the results are amazing. I never realized how dirty our floors get until now. A large tank goes a long way the sample cleaner included smells quite alright. The cord is just the right length of long without getting in the way. It does a great job and I haven’t touched the mop since it showed up. Poor mop.BluePanda

Get it from Amazon  for $249.99


20- AmazonBasics 6-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder.

You wont need to worry about your personal information,this paper can shred even a credit card.


Promising review:

I just needed a new shredder after having used my older one until it just died. This one is a little louder than my older one but that isn’t an issue for me. I was taken by surprise at the level of shred though. This shredder did a fantastic job and just munches away at the paper leaving you feeling secure in the fact that it’s done it’s job. I like the fit of the machine on the waste basket. It’s a very well thought out engineered product and I am very satisfied with my product and even more thrilled with the competitive and fair pricing on it. Thank you Amazon!!Janet Reynolds

Get it from Amazon for $29.98.